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 Shipment Tracking

All packages come with a tracking number. 
These tracking numbers sometimes do not update when they are sitting in a counties customs office and can sit there for a while. 
Please be patient. I have no control over this. 

Once the package leaves the fulfillment center I have NO control over the package. If you do not receive it. Then you will have to open a claim with your local post office. As a small business I cannot afford to replace every order that goes missing due to the postal system. 

Do not ask me to alter or pay for custom fees this is illegal for me to do this. It is your responsibility as the purchaser to pay these fees as per your country. It is also illegal for me to mark your package as a gift or manipulate it in any way to benefit the recipient. Shipping costs are NOT part of your order total. Only the goods you purchase are calculated. 

Here are some examples of certain countries limits before you have to pay custom fees. As you can see they vary greatly so please double check before placing you order or asking me to combine orders. 

Country        Fees paid if order is above this amount.

USA     >      $800

Australia >   $1000

Germany >  22 Euro

England >    15 GBP

NOTE: If you fail to pay the custom fees and the package is sent back you will need to place another order. I rarely get these packages back due to the fact that that they go through so many customs offices. 

I live in Japan but use a fulfillment center in the USA. I give you the exact price I pay for shipping. It is determined by weight so the heavier the products / or the more products you purchase the price goes up.    

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Most will arrive before hand but sometimes customs likes to hold onto the packages for a little while. Again I have no Control over this. 

If you have pre-ordered an item and you have seen it has come in. If you do not receive a tracking number within a week please contact me. 

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR ADDRESS IS CORRECT! If your item is returned or unable to be delivered due to incorrect mailing address you will need to re-order as I do not receive these back very often. If your package is shown as delivered but you did not receive it you will need to file a claim with your local post office. This unfortunately is out of my hands.

When you purchase an item you are agreeing to these shipping terms and conditions. 

Business Hours

Business Hours are 
Monday - Friday 9:00AM - 5:00PM Tokyo Time.

Please be aware that I am a full day ahead of the USA and 8-9 Hours ahead of the UK. If I do not respond straight away, I will get back to you as soon as possible.