About us:

Iron & Ink Designs was born from a desperate need to jump back into the magical worlds from the books that we have to wait sometimes years for.

What’s our mission?

We help readers overcome the heartache when ending a book, by providing items & artwork from these magical worlds to fill the void and create happiness.

Angela Porter - Owner & Founder


So you’ve just finished a book and it was amazing. You loved the characters, hung on their every word. Felt every one of their emotions and lived in their world with them. But you finished the book; and if its part of a series those mean people at the publishers are not going to let you get the next installment of that world, those characters for another whole year. WHY?

Your devastated and emotionally drained. You can’t even think of picking up another book. It’s official you have a book hangover!

I understand how this feel’s, it’s made even worse when the book ends with a major cliffhanger or it’s the end of the series. (Sigh) And just like you I get very frustrated at the yearlong wait that sometimes can turn longer for that next peak into our favorite worlds.

I used to scour the web looking for items to bring back the feeling I would get from living in these worlds while reading and found that so many bookish merchandise shops did not provide anything for some of the smaller series that had stolen my heart.

This is where Iron & Ink Designs was born. I wanted to share my love for the smaller series and bring as many people happiness from my items as I could.



Over The last couple of years, I have been so very blessed to have worked with some amazing companies. These include:


Fairy Loot



The Bookish Box

Enchanted Fandom Box

The Book Box Club

Fox & Wit

MLC Candle Co


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