Working from home and still have to Parent?


So covid19 has brought a whole new meaning to the phrase “working from home”. With our kids being out of school, or you as the parent having to help them with their virtual learning this year has been a complete Shit show!

I’ve been working from home now for about 5 years and the time during school hours have always been my most productive. Now this year everything has changed. I’ve been handed a husband deployed and covid. Don’t get me wrong it’s defiantly been a trying year, but I’ve been able to use the few tricks I have that I mainly use during the summer break to my advantage. I hope these will help you too.

Saying that, we are parents and during the course of our lives we have had to endure far worse. So, buckle up I’m going to give you some tips that just might help your work day go a little smoother with your little monsters in tow.

  1. Always set your alarm.

This is probably the hardest one for me, but it’s a must. Even if you do not have any meetings, appointments or calls GET UP! This is not just for you. Keeping your kiddos in a regular routine is so important to their physical and mental health. Once you have them feed and busy on a project you can start yourself.

  1. Take a minute for yourself.

Whether you enjoy your cup of coffee, tea or just water in the morning. Set yourself a timer on your phone once you sit down for about 15 minutes. This helps me relax after helping the kids with their morning routine and sets me up for my work day. I have anxiety and situational depression so I find that this is a really big help when setting my day up.

  1. Set your work up in Blocks.

So now that you are relaxed and ready for work set your work up in blocks. For instance, from 9am – 10am I work on customer emails then I allow myself to go get a drink. Then from 10.10am – 12pm I work on another project. I set a timer ever day at noon so I do not get to engrossed in what I am doing and forget lunch. (because I have done this before and kids need food Ha Ha).

  1. Interruptions happen!

When working at home with kids just remember interruptions are bound to happen, this is OK. You are a parent first and the work will get done at some point. This is why keeping your work in blocks is so important so that it is easy for you to get back to what you were doing if you do get interrupted. If there is a project that you didn’t get done, schedule it for the next day. Google calendar is your best friend for this.

  1. Finish on time every day!

Again, I struggle with this one. But I try not to work past 5pm. Take time for your family. Your quality of life is so important. Creating an alarm for this is super helpful.

These are the main tips that have helped keep me sane over the last six months. Hopefully they will really help you keep on track with your little ones.

If you have any tips yourselves, I’d love to hear about them.

Bye for now.


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July 17, 2020 — Angela Porter



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