So you have this collection of enamel pins that you don't know how it got started or where your love for them came from. You just know that your collection keeps growing and growing and you have no idea what to do with your new shinny precious items. 

I know the feeling this is actually how I first discovered my own love for enamel pins. I quite literally turned into a magpie overnight. 

So what do we do with them? well there is quite a lot of different things you can do with them I'll help show you what. 


Photo by: Marie McWilliams @BookishMarie

1. This is what the main purpose for these is... wear them on your Lapel. In the UK they are called lapel pins for a reason. Don't be scared of loosing them there are Locking backs that you can purchase that will keep them tightly secured. 

2. Add them to a purse or tote bag. Again don't forget to use the locking backs for this use as you don't want them stolen or to get lost. Yes this happens, you're not the only one who likes these shinny items. 

3. Wear them on the spare holes of your belt. (use those locking backs) I prefer this then a back jean pocket as wearing them on a pocket can scratch them when you sit. 

4. On a hat or hair band. I know.. I know I sound like a broken record but seriously the key to all of the above is locking backs and this one is no different. 

5. On a pin board or pin hoop. This is what I do with most of mine as my shinny pins are definitely my precious items. I love them all. There are so many variations of these and you can even make your own from a large frame (I'll be adding a tutorial soon) .

6. Last but not least is the pin collectors binders. These are specially made to store your pins in and I definitely suggest them for the larger fantasy style pins that are collectors items. 

These are the main ones but these are certainly not all you can do with them. 

Have another suggestion add a comment.



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November 24, 2020 — Angela Porter

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