Dance of a Burning Sea by E.J. Mellow (Mousai #2) 

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Within the world of Aadilor, there is a hidden place called the Thief Kingdom, where both magic and pleasure abound. There, the Mousai, a trio of deadly sorceresses bound by oath and blood, use their powers to protect the kingdom’s treasures.

Niya Bassette brings the potent gift of dance to the Mousai, but behind her tempting twirls, she carries a heavy secret—that the infamous pirate lord, Alōs Ezra, has been threatening to exploit for years. Now banished from the Thief Kingdom for smuggling, Alōs resurfaces in Niya’s life with a plot to hold her hostage, leveraging what he knows to extort a pardon from the Thief King.

But Niya makes her own deal with Alōs to guard her secret and guarantee her freedom—yet in doing so binds herself aboard his pirate ship, where she must navigate deadly waters, a bloodthirsty crew, and her own traitorous heart. Soon, a simmering attraction between her and Alōs threatens their delicate truce and makes for a tumultuous ride on the open seas. Far from her kingdom, Niya is entangled in a dangerous dance indeed.

Welcome to the world of Aadilor, where dark deeds can mask noble hearts and the most alluring of sways often ends with a burn. Care for a spin?


My Review

I first discovered E.J. Mellow while browsing through ebooks on Amazon and came across the cover of book one in the Mousai series. After reading the synopsis I was sold, I mean who wouldn't want to read a dark, moody series based on the muses.
Let's fast forward to about a month after I had read book one. I was browsing NetGalley and found this Gem on there. I could not believe that the second book would be out so quickly afterward. Montlake graciously accepted my request to read and review and, 1. I need a physical copy for my library and 2. I'm in desperate need of the next book.

OK, here's your warning. This is the second book in a series, there will be no spoilers for the second book but, there may be spoilers for book 1.

Dance of a Burning Sea is a delightful fast-paced, action-packed book with our same beloved characters from book one. In this book, we follow Niya the dancer of the Mousai, and her adventures with our rugged sea Captain Alos.
She finds herself on his ship and making a deal after he blackmails her. Make the deal or he will reveal who all the Mousai are. In her city The Thief Kingdom, identities are leverage and worth a great deal.
Niya will do anything to protect her family considering, it was her fault Alos knows who they are in the first place. But will Niya get her revenge or will she fall prey to Alos's charms again? And all this while battling sea storms, giants, and control over her powers in a quest to save a kingdom.

Tropes include:
enemies to lovers
bound/stuck together
deal with the devil
slow-burn romance
save the kingdom 




October 28, 2021 — Angela Porter

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