Bloodsworn by Scott Reintgen is the second in the Ashlords Duology.
In the first book, we are introduced to the Ashlords and their beautiful Phoenix horses that were a gift from their gods centuries ago. They have used these magnificent beasts in wars, hunts and now in races. In the first book, we got to know and follow our characters through a race. The adventure, world, and character-building in 'Ashlords' were incredible. Bloodsworn is no different.

We start in the second book about a month after the race finishes. War has broken out between the three rival cultures. We are taken through the action of this progressing war by our three main Point of View characters.
With a twist of fate, all three of them end up in the god's realm and discover what war they should be fighting. This sudden plot twist had me gasping and I could not put the book down after that. All the main characters had their individual qualities that not only made them very fleshed out but made you care about each one of them.

This sequel is perfectly paced and well written. Has relatable characters, action, adventure as well as little romance. Though I am delighted that it was not part of the main story plot.

I was drawn to the first book for its cover as I am a huge horse lover. Scott did not disappoint. I highly suggest pre-ordering the second book if you were a fan of the first book or are a fan of Scott's writing.
I would describe this duology as The Hunger Games meets The Scorpio Races.
Best for audiences of 13 and above.

January 26, 2021 — Angela Porter

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