Bloodsworn ARC Review.



Bloodsworn by Scott Reintgen is the second in the Ashlords Duology.
In the first book, we are introduced to the Ashlords and their beautiful Phoenix horses that were a gift from their gods centuries ago. They have used these magnificent beasts in wars, hunts and now in races. In the first book, we got to know and follow our characters through a race. The adventure, world, and character-building in 'Ashlords' were incredible. Bloodsworn is no different.

We start in the second book about a month after the race finishes. War has broken out between the three rival cultures. We are taken through the action of this progressing war by our three main Point of View characters.
With a twist of fate, all three of them end up in the god's realm and discover what war they should be fighting. This sudden plot twist had me gasping and I could not put the book down after that. All the main characters had their individual qualities that not only made them very fleshed out but made you care about each one of them.

This sequel is perfectly paced and well written. Has relatable characters, action, adventure as well as little romance. Though I am delighted that it was not part of the main story plot.

I was drawn to the first book for its cover as I am a huge horse lover. Scott did not disappoint. I highly suggest pre-ordering the second book if you were a fan of the first book or are a fan of Scott's writing.
I would describe this duology as The Hunger Games meets The Scorpio Races.
Best for audiences of 13 and above.

January 26, 2021 — Angela Porter

How to use your enamel pins.

So you have this collection of enamel pins that you don't know how it got started or where your love for them came from. You just know that your collection keeps growing and growing and you have no idea what to do with your new shinny precious items. 

I know the feeling this is actually how I first discovered my own love for enamel pins. I quite literally turned into a magpie overnight. 

So what do we do with them? well there is quite a lot of different things you can do with them I'll help show you what. 


Photo by: Marie McWilliams @BookishMarie

1. This is what the main purpose for these is... wear them on your Lapel. In the UK they are called lapel pins for a reason. Don't be scared of loosing them there are Locking backs that you can purchase that will keep them tightly secured. 

2. Add them to a purse or tote bag. Again don't forget to use the locking backs for this use as you don't want them stolen or to get lost. Yes this happens, you're not the only one who likes these shinny items. 

3. Wear them on the spare holes of your belt. (use those locking backs) I prefer this then a back jean pocket as wearing them on a pocket can scratch them when you sit. 

4. On a hat or hair band. I know.. I know I sound like a broken record but seriously the key to all of the above is locking backs and this one is no different. 

5. On a pin board or pin hoop. This is what I do with most of mine as my shinny pins are definitely my precious items. I love them all. There are so many variations of these and you can even make your own from a large frame (I'll be adding a tutorial soon) .

6. Last but not least is the pin collectors binders. These are specially made to store your pins in and I definitely suggest them for the larger fantasy style pins that are collectors items. 

These are the main ones but these are certainly not all you can do with them. 

Have another suggestion add a comment.



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November 24, 2020 — Angela Porter

A Golden Fury - Blog Tour Review





We start the story following Thea in Springtime at her current home in Normandy France. She with her mother a few weeks before were on the verge of a huge break through with their profession of alchemy. Then suddenly after doing everything together Thea's mother abruptly stops her from going into her labratory  and carries on working on their work without her. After this in the following weeks her mother starts to act strangely and Thea finds out that she had been near to completing the Philosophers stone. 

Unfortunately this comes at the same time as issues arise in the French government and growing tension between France and England force Thea to flee to Oxford, England in hopes of finding her father who does not know she exists.  During this time she is hoping to finish her mothers work. With this comes the dangers of maybe knowing how to make an item the world of Alchemy has been looking to achieve for centuries. 

While I personally loved the premise of the book and it was a nice easy read, I felt that the character building on the main villain could have been more thoroughly explored. And while having multiple locations is interesting it also can be distracting and take away from the main plot when made as fast as it was in this book. 

I like that the magic system was completely different from any other book I have read and that it had consequences. I feel that it is important to create a more realistic effect. It was written into the story very well in this case. 

All in all the book was and enjoyable all be it a slightly predictable. My rating would be 3.75 stars.

I want to Thank St.Martin's Press and Wednesday Books for the Advance Readers Copy of this book for review.

October 16, 2020 — Angela Porter

Goblin King ARC Review - (Permafrost Book #2)



The Hunt is over but the War has just begun.

Against all odds, Janneke has survived the Hunt for the Stag--but all good things come with a cost. Lydian might be dead, but he took the Stag with him. Janneke now holds the mantle, while Soren, now her equal in every way, has become the new Erlking. Janneke's powers as the new Stag has brought along haunting visions of a world thrown into chaos and the ghost of Lydian taunts her with the riddles he spoke of when he was alive.

When Janneke discovers the truth of Lydian and his madness, she's forced to see her tormentor in a different light for the first time. The world they know is dying and Lydian may have been the only person with the key to saving it.



I received this as an eARC for a honest review.
Thanks to St. Martins Press.


The goblin king picks up about 6 months after we left off from the first book. Soren is the Erlking and Janneke is by his side as the first human Stag. But everything has not been wonderful. We find out in the first chapter that Jannke is struggling with not only her abilities but is also suffering from some form of post traumatic stress. Or so it would seem. Voices being heard in her head of her dead foe plague her and of a more frightening vision the Nordic version of the end of the world. 

The first 5-7 chapters of this book felt strong and very similar to the first book for me, which I really enjoyed. I really enjoyed the chemistry and fight in these characters in the first book. That being said I feel that the second half of this book unfortunately lacked the same connection. It was as if I was seeing the same characters but through a filter as they went through another journey. This one to stop the beginning of the end of the world. Traveling through the different realms so easily felt off and even though the character went through hardships, the felt forced. 

I am really hoping that this series is suffering from the second book syndrome as like I have said before I really enjoyed the first and the characters. keeping my fingers crossed that the 3rd installment from Kara pulls my interest and rating back up. 

This was a solid 2.5 Stars - 

Thanks for reading 



Other books in the series: 

White Stag Permafrost #1



September 24, 2020 — Angela Porter

Lobizona ARC Review



Some people ARE illegal.

Lobizonas do NOT exist.

Both of these statements are false.

Manuela Azul has been crammed into an existence that feels too small for her. As an undocumented immigrant who's on the run from her father's Argentine crime-family, Manu is confined to a small apartment and a small life in Miami, Florida.

Until Manu's protective bubble is shattered.

Her surrogate grandmother is attacked, lifelong lies are exposed, and her mother is arrested by ICE. Without a home, without answers, and finally without shackles, Manu investigates the only clue she has about her past--a mysterious "Z" emblem—which leads her to a secret world buried within our own. A world connected to her dead father and his criminal past. A world straight out of Argentine folklore, where the seventh consecutive daughter is born a bruja and the seventh consecutive son is a lobizón, a werewolf. A world where her unusual eyes allow her to belong.

As Manu uncovers her own story and traces her real heritage all the way back to a cursed city in Argentina, she learns it's not just her U.S. residency that's illegal. . . .it's her entire existence.



I received this as an eARC for a honest review.
Thanks to St. Martins Press.

Lobizona had me enchanted within the first chapter. The characters were beautifully fleshed out and had lots of depth. The locations were perfectly described, and not too drawn out, thus keeping me engaged in the characters story.
The Spanish was perfectly executed so that even someone not bilingual such as myself, could still read the book and have every word flow effortlessly.
I am so happy I had a chance to read this. I cannot wait to read the next installment from this vivid world.
September 20, 2020 — Angela Porter
Tips for working from home and still have to Parent.

Tips for working from home and still have to Parent.

Working from home and still have to Parent?


So covid19 has brought a whole new meaning to the phrase “working from home”. With our kids being out of school, or you as the parent having to help them with their virtual learning this year has been a complete Shit show!

I’ve been working from home now for about 5 years and the time during school hours have always been my most productive. Now this year everything has changed. I’ve been handed a husband deployed and covid. Don’t get me wrong it’s defiantly been a trying year, but I’ve been able to use the few tricks I have that I mainly use during the summer break to my advantage. I hope these will help you too.

Saying that, we are parents and during the course of our lives we have had to endure far worse. So, buckle up I’m going to give you some tips that just might help your work day go a little smoother with your little monsters in tow.

  1. Always set your alarm.

This is probably the hardest one for me, but it’s a must. Even if you do not have any meetings, appointments or calls GET UP! This is not just for you. Keeping your kiddos in a regular routine is so important to their physical and mental health. Once you have them feed and busy on a project you can start yourself.

  1. Take a minute for yourself.

Whether you enjoy your cup of coffee, tea or just water in the morning. Set yourself a timer on your phone once you sit down for about 15 minutes. This helps me relax after helping the kids with their morning routine and sets me up for my work day. I have anxiety and situational depression so I find that this is a really big help when setting my day up.

  1. Set your work up in Blocks.

So now that you are relaxed and ready for work set your work up in blocks. For instance, from 9am – 10am I work on customer emails then I allow myself to go get a drink. Then from 10.10am – 12pm I work on another project. I set a timer ever day at noon so I do not get to engrossed in what I am doing and forget lunch. (because I have done this before and kids need food Ha Ha).

  1. Interruptions happen!

When working at home with kids just remember interruptions are bound to happen, this is OK. You are a parent first and the work will get done at some point. This is why keeping your work in blocks is so important so that it is easy for you to get back to what you were doing if you do get interrupted. If there is a project that you didn’t get done, schedule it for the next day. Google calendar is your best friend for this.

  1. Finish on time every day!

Again, I struggle with this one. But I try not to work past 5pm. Take time for your family. Your quality of life is so important. Creating an alarm for this is super helpful.

These are the main tips that have helped keep me sane over the last six months. Hopefully they will really help you keep on track with your little ones.

If you have any tips yourselves, I’d love to hear about them.

Bye for now.


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We help readers overcome the heartache when ending a book, by providing items & artwork from these magical worlds to fill the void & create happiness.


July 17, 2020 — Angela Porter